About Me

I am a newly elected official to the NH House of Representatives

I have lived in NH for over 30 years.  Truthfully I felt that I would live here for 5 years and then move back to my home state of Mass.  Within a few years I feel in love with NH and today I call Nashua, NH my home and I can’t think of living any where else.

I am often asked WHAT MADE YOU RUN FOR OFFICE.  I have learned that my answer is so similar to so many of my fellow colleagues – I WAS ASKED…  That is the truth I was asked and I said NO.  Not because I didn’t want to be part of the process but because I didn’t think that I was qualified for such an important position.  After a month of NO’s it hit me that I have a voice and if I am not willing to use it then I have no right to complain if someone else is in the position and they do something that I disagree with…  So here I am and I am hoping that in the next two years I can work with my fellow legislators to make the state of NH even better than it was when I started.