GOD DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES…so we should stay how we were born

As I talked about upcoming legislation relative to transgender (specifically HB478 and HB587) within our state this is what was said to me by a man that I up until that point unquestionably respected and even revered.  At that point a million things went through my head however, I chose to walk away rather than saying all of the things that I was thinking.  I did this not as an act of a coward rather I feared my inability to restrain my IRE.  We were in a public setting a war of words was not appropriate.  After catching my breath I headed back to the conversation.  I was hoping that I had been gone long enough for the conversation to have changed…but I was wrong and as I approached I heard the same words.  Again I chose to walk away rather than creating a public scene  I did this even though the one thing that I really wanted to do was to give him a piece of my mind and tell him how disappointed I was to hear those words…but actually I had all I could do to hold back my tears and I know my words would have meant nothing to him.  Since that day I have beaten myself up because I have always believed that silence is complicity.

How horrible was it to invoke the Lords name to justify HUMAN bigotry.  If these words were true then should my family have turned our backs on my nephew who was born with a birth defect that would have taken his life if surgery had been performed?  OF COURSE NOT.  GOD may not make mistakes but that does not mean that GOD meant for all things to stay static.  As Christian I was taught that my GOD gave me the freedom to CHOSE my own destiny and path.  We chose to do everything that we could to keep my nephew alive and healthy.  Well I CHOSE to support the freedoms of Transgender HUMAN BEINGS and I will always vote that way.  Therefore I will vote to support HB478 & HB587.

I hope that you will follow me and contact your Legislators and ask them to support the Committees Report to OTP (Out to Pass) on HB478