When writing to your legislator…

Recently I had over 2000 email messages for HB 478 (prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity) it was fairly split on the Yays vs Nays.  With the exception of a few, those that supported the bill sent me very personal messages or a compelling reason why I should support this bill.  Those on the opposition for the most part sent me canned emails however there were a few that sent their reasons why I should not support this bill and there were a few that felt a threat was the best way to get our attention.

Although I knew that I would be supporting this bill as it as what a colleague of mine always says “IT IS A NO BRAINER”.

Yes I am repeating myself but the lesson that I want to pass on is that although you may want to use a “canned message” to send it to all legislators please find a way to make it your own.