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———— Election 2018 —– Political Questionnaire ————

Candidates Name:  PATRICIA KLEE


Hometown:  Nashua

Address and Phone Number:   9 MAYWOOD DR

                                                       NASHUA, NH



Email Address/ and and


Brief Biography (include political experience, education, family, etc):

I moved into Nashua in May 1987.  I attended both Holyoke Community College and Franklin Pierce College.  I started my 29 year career with the Department of Defense at Westover AFB, eventually retiring from the Department of Veterans Affairs in Bedford, Mass.  Through perseverance/hard work, I moved up the ranks from a Clerk to Administrative Officer to Computer Specialist/Programmer to a Statistical Analyst.

In the Spring 2016 I chose to run for Ward 3 State Representative.  I wanted to be an effective voice for Nashua.  In November of 2016, the voters of Ward 3 sent me to Concord.  Due to my experience with the Department of Veterans Affairs, I was placed on the State/Federal Relations Veterans Committee.  It was important to me to educate myself on every vote I cast in the House.  I have served 2 years as one of Ward 3’s NH State Representatives.  This has been a true labor of love and one I hope to continue.  In November of 2017, Ward 3 again honored me by allowing me to represent them on the Board of Alderman as their Ward Alderman.

While I was not blessed with children I have an understanding of the needs of working families and education opportunities that all families need.


Why are you running for this office and what makes you uniquely qualified for the position?


In my past two years as one of the Ward 3’s State Representatives, I feel that we have just begun towards educating the public to the past practices of revenue and program cuts.  I believe with the right mix of legislators in the House and Senate as well as the Executive Council and the corner office we can move NH forward in fixing our poorly funded higher and lower education programs.  In addition we can increase our focus on infrastructure, healthcare, and affordable housing.  Each of these items as well as livable wages will incentivize new young families to make NH their home.  With the growth of a younger workforce we will bring more businesses to our beautiful state.  As part of infrastructure growth I believe we need to reconsider rail from Massachusetts to Manchester/Concord.  This type of mass transit system will create a stronger economy and help retain younger generations who have grown up to rely on higher speed public transportation.

I want to be part of the conversation to help put our incredible state back on the right track.  Not too many years ago NH was the poster child for Mental Health programming.  As we have slowly cut more and more funding for our MH programs we have slowly dismantled our accomplishments.  As I stated I believe we can work with private and public entities to find our way back to a state that puts the necessary services in place to help some of out most vulnerable citizens.

When I ran for Alderman las year I explained that I believe the potential for Nashua’s growth and the ability to attract new families and businesses was within our reach.  I still believe that to be true which is why I have worked towards bringing the state promised funding from Concord to Nashua by voting against killing such bills as HB 413.  This bill would have brought back hundreds of thousands of dollars to Nashua.  Sadly, this bill was defeated by a mere 6 votes the first time around and by a single vote a month later when it was brought back for reconsideration.  In addition bills such as SB-446 ()Net Metering would have allowed Nashua to produced enough energy to pay for all of our schools electrical needs.  This bill had strong bi-partisan support and actually passed both floors of the House and Senate but was vetoed by Governor and failed the necessary 2/3’s override in the House.

With a strong voice in the corner office and a bi-partisan General Court, I believe that we have the ability to work towards a goal of strong/safe healthcare, well-funded public education, affordable housing and livable wages for all of our citizens.  Throughout my two years in the legislation I have spoken to many voters in Ward 3, who have the common concerns of better infrastructure, Public Safety and Public Education as well as the need to decreasing Real Estate taxes.  Both new and native Nashuans and New Hampshirites want to preserve the small town feel without losing the attraction to new young families.

As a State Rep, my votes have reflected that I have always put the citizens and especially Nashua first.  My votes reflect my desire to protect Nashua’s financial interest by maintaining the state’s revenue levels.  Reduction of state revenue will decrease the state’s funding such as Public Education, infrastructure, Retirement System, etc.   As a Board of Alderman I have promoted and worked towards commonsense spending while considering tomorrow.  Over the past two years I have witnessed the growth and financial stability of communities with tourist attractions of large bodies of water or Mountain Resort areas while seeing disparity of those towns and cities with less proximity to those wonders.  It is my belief that the state should consider these areas as well as take into consideration areas with low and high poverty pockets.  New Hampshire has failed the citizens of most of those communities by in adequately funding schools throughout the state and ignoring even legal decisions that require changes to the inadequate education funding system.  I don’t blame any specific past body as I am person who believes in moving forward and righting the wrongs of yesterday.  The time for blame and finger pointing is over.  We can only work towards a solution if we are willing to create an atmosphere of collaboration and respect.  I know that I am just that person and will be an asset and not a nay-sayer or hindrance to the process of making and even better New Hampshire.

For almost two years I have worked with MH organizations to find a safe path to eliminate the practice of warehousing those with Mental Illness and Substance issues in our Prisons and Emergency Departments.  I actively sought   As a first year State Rep, I have spent many hours learning the issues that plague our state and it is my hope that with this knowledge, I will be an even more and informed and effective State Representative.

As I have for 2 years, I will always put ward 3 first even before my own personal wants or needs.  I have proven to be an effective listener and problem solver.


I have a unique ability to stay positive and to unite those with opposing views into a more collaborative move towards success.  I believe ALL sides MUST be heard and their views treated with the utmost respect.